Not all installed theme components listed as installed

Below are 2 screenshots. The first one lists the theme components I installed. The next screenshots shows the overview of what Discourse registers as installed. Only the hamburger theme selector is listed as installed. When I e.g. install the GIF plugin again, it duplicates it in the list.

I already did a ./launcher rebuild app, but that didn’t change anything. What else can I try to update this listing? I’m afraid that automatic updates are not working properly because of this.

Screenshot from 2021-02-15 09-53-50


Hmm yes I can see this problem too, it looks like we’re checking for the theme’s name to determine if it’s installed… so if its name changes (either locally or remotely before it’s installed) it won’t be recognized as installed.

We should probably check against the repo URL instead, that should change less often than the name… the good news is that this won’t impact any kind of automatic updates.


This is fixed in:

Thanks for reporting @AquaL1te!


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