Not quite dev, not quite production

I have a VM installation with Ubuntu 16.04 docker standalone per:

I use this as a sandbox to try various things out rather than experimenting around on our live install (

The installation is fine (kudos on making it so simple), and I’ve restored a backup from our live site to have some data to play with (I edited app.yml and put bad values in the smtp values to make sure it wouldn’t start sending emails and such).

Sidekiq is of course bombing out because there are outgoing mail errors.

Can I add mailcatcher to a standalone install? How?

See the setting: disable emails.

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I’ve done that (in the meantime), but I’d like to have mailcatcher on so that I can see the mailflow as well.

I’m guessing that I would need to do “gem install mailcatcher” and then start it manually at each boot and re install the gem every time there is a discourse update.

You could engineer the yaml file to install mailcatcher and start it same way it starts other services. Then you could export the port out of the container.

Alternatively you can run mailcatcher on the host and just set up the ENV to talk to it.

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You might be able to automate at least some of that by adding code to the “custom commands” at the bottom of your app.yml.

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