Not receiving translations for 'Everyone'

Thanks for looking at this so quickly. Unfortunately after a rebuild that has pulled the latest patch version in I’m still not getting any translations. I’ll try to do some more digging this morning to see if I can find any clues.

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I think this may be because you’ve added the ‘everyone’ group in restrict translation by group. Could you try changing that to TL0 and see if that helps?


I’m now getting translations with…


The wording of these options doesn’t make it easy, e.g. ‘restrict translation by group’ is described as ‘Only allowlisted groups can translate’. Adding a group to this list sounds like you’d be restricting translation by that group but the selected groups are actually the ‘allowlist’ ones that are allowed to translate. The other setting is similarly confusing. Perhaps changing the wording to something like ‘groups allowed to translate’ and ‘poster groups allowed to be translated’ would help?


I think settings are trickier to rename than changing the description, but we have moved to a more consistent naming convention for the group-allowed style settings as part of Changes coming to settings for giving access to features (from trust levels to groups)

Hopefully this will continue to the plugins as well (:crossed_fingers:).


I was also thinking that…after I posted. Changing the description to aid understanding works though.