Oops 500 error - NoMethodError (undefined method `groups' for nil:NilClass)

We’ve had a number of users report that they’re getting this error on our community - community.breww.com - but it’s working fine for all of our team.

In the error logs, I’ve seen this (I’m not sure if it’s related to the problem or not)

We’re fully up to date with the following plugins installed. I believe these problems started after last installing updates a few days ago and are still there after installing the latest updates just now.

I’m not sure but maybe this could be related to FEATURE: added restrict_translation_groups to limit posts translation… · discourse/discourse-translator@ae894fa · GitHub?

Can you please help? Also, if this is related to that plugin update, is there a way to rollback a plugin version?


According to the error logs this is happening lots (although I still cannot reproduce) so any assistance would be much appreciated. I’ve tried disabling the plugin (with the translator enabled setting) and so hopefully this will resolve the issue. I’ll let you know…

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No errors since disabling the plugin, so I suspect it’s the cause.


I think you’re likely right. :+1: We’ll look into that now and see if we can get that fixed up. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you, much appreciated :pray:

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This should be fixed by FIX: Fix for anon users visiting posts when the plugin is enabled by jdmartinez1062 · Pull Request #106 · discourse/discourse-translator · GitHub. Let us know if you have more issues, always glad to help.


Thanks for such a quick fix. I’ve installed the fix now, so will report back soon :+1:


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