Not seeing replies to report PMs

Flagged a post ~1 day ago here on meta. Never saw a response in my inbox, so just dug through my sent items and can see that Hawk did in fact reply 19 hours ago. That reply still doesn’t show in inbox and there’s no accompanying notification.

Going to dig through inbox/sent to see if I’ve missed anything else, but there’s obviously some form of disconnect between the two at the moment.

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@jomaxro can you repro?

I think I’ve seen this before. Going to PM you @Stephen to grab a few more details.


I can confirm that no notification is generated in the following scenario:

  1. User flags a post.
  2. User selects the “Something Else” flag type and enters a message.
  3. Admin uses the “Delete Post and Agree with flag” option.

I can also confirm that a notification is generated for the “ignore” option.

@zogstrip, we have a lot of flag options these days. Do you need me to test each option for handling a flag, or will this be enough to start looking through the code?


It’s fine. Thanks for the repro :+1:

@maja can you have a look?


Are the auto-generated replies to reports treated differently to a PM? Not seeing the notification is one thing, but my larger concern is that my inbox doesn’t show any evidence of the automated response when the report was acted on. Had I not thought to check my sent items I wouldn’t have seen a reply at all.

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Sort of :man_shrugging:. Something is strange here, as the “we agree and removed the post” auto-reply does not generate a notification or appear in the inbox, but the “thanks for letting us know” (ignore) auto-reply does generate a notification and appear in the inbox.

Maja will track it down :smiley:


Cool, as long as my report makes sense now.

The notification would be nice, but realising I wasn’t seeing the reply was my primary concern. The ticket about the spammer using wiki edits ties into another post I put out a while ago, if we can’t see which wiki posts a spammer has edited we can’t necessarily easily revert their damage.

Fixed per


If this fix is live on Meta then it’s only partial, or doesn’t resolve responses to reports which occurred prior.

Here’s an example from two weeks ago when I filed the issue, I flagged a post and can see the flag in my sent items, I can also see that @Hawk responded to that sent item from /u/stephen/messages/sent:

But the reply never arrived in my inbox, that topic doesn’t exist in /u/stephen/messages at all.

The fix is for notifications so it would only affect new notifications not ones from weeks ago.

Sure, I get that, it’s just not the bug I reported :smiley:

Surely I should see the reply too? As-is it suggests that in certain cases a message can receive a reply, without the reply being visible in messages (unless you look at sent).

This issue is back.

Yesterday I reported a post and I can now see from my Sent items that @HAWK responded to it, but the replied-to topic doesn’t appear in my inbox and there’s no associated notification.

I had to go to my /messages/sent to see the topic at all before I knew that Hawk had responded.

What is your notification state set to in that topic?

It’s set to ‘watching’, the topic was created by my report, so I’m assuming watching is the default.

As I said above this issue has two parts for me, I would expect it to appear in my inbox when @hawk responded and in turn also be notified.


This just happened again, I reported something 30 minutes ago, noticed it had been acted upon but had received no notification.

Checking my inbox there’s no reply, but in my sent items I see the report with a reply from @jomaxro , still unread:


Happening still here on meta as of ~20 minutes ago. Nothing in inbox, but sent shows the report and the response.

No notification.

I can confirm this too. Four days ago, I flagged a post and got it resolved, but never got a notification.