No notification for "Post hidden by community flags"

When a user’s post is automatically hidden due to multiple flags, they receive a PM from the site contact username, default system. However, they are not notified of this PM, nor does the normal green circle indicator appear on their avatar.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. User A makes a bad post (or topic).
  2. Users B, C, and D flag the post.
  3. User A’s post is auto-hidden and they are sent a PM.
  4. User A does not receive a notification about the PM/hidden post.

Oh yeah I can definitely repro on try. This is a bad regression, can you look at it ASAP @neil or whoever else is available?

At least the hidden post itself does contain a reminder to check your messages, if you happen to visit it:



All I can figure out is that it works when I create the system message from the rails console, but not using UI. Time to git bisect.

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I made a fix for this today. Tested back to Jan 1, 2016 and it wasn’t working then either.


I’ve also noticed this when a moderator responds to a flag that I have made. Not every time, but sometimes it does not notify me that the moderator has responded.