Not seeing topic info


On my post, I dont see the topic info.

I made the topic a banner first, but I still dont see it.

Thanks for any help

I don’t think I understand what you’re asking. I can see your banner topic. What do you mean by topic info?

I should see it, but it never popped up on that topic like it should.

This is all I see.

Probably a bit of CSS that’s blocking it from showing.

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Thanks, but it’s also missing on the Default theme and I see it on other topics.

Interesting :thinking: probably a #bug

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I will wait for @/HAWK to reply to see what they have to say about it

Yeah, probably the best thing to do.

On the topic summary isn’t showing because of CSS, someone may have added it in.

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You’re right, it’s not there.

I can assure you we wouldn’t have added a theme or component that does that.

May have been another admin? Maybe cray?

Heh, unfortunately I don’t have anything useful to say about it. Hopefully one of the support team will jump in when they start their week. I’m not deep enough in the weeds these days.

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Maybe you can take a look :eyes:

I did… but I don’t have an answer.


Just had a look into the logs and Customize section for you, and nothing is doing anything. As I said, the Default theme is having this weird issue, and I can see it on any other topic.

The only thing I did different is started the thread by making it a banner

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Just a visual glitch probably, should post and pin it on icecavern

You may make a bug report if you want, I dont see myself making this a public issue as it’s only on one topic, but again completely feel free to


It seems to the topic map disappeared because you are using the topic as banner topic.

I tested it on my test site.

Now this is a banner topic and the topic map disappeared.

If I remove it from banner topic than the topic map appear again.

It looks like topic map only shows when the topic is regular but when you set the topic as banner topic it will change it from regular to banner.

Now this topic is regular (not using as banner topic)

If I use it as banner topic the archetype-regular class will change archetype-banner.

In here we can see topic map is only shows if the topic archetype is regular.


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