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Yeah i guess on this point, I was reflecting recently on “agreeing”-type reactions (differentiating from empathising-type reactions like how :heart: is intended). There is a Discord community for a video game that I play, which I was in. They had a “yes” and “no” emoji that were made themed to the game. I feel that those emojis were made fairly innocuously, but it can be surprising that it can kind of have a dangerous effect.

There are multitudes of cases where a community manager post messages and there are more than 10, or so, “yes” reactions to it,

(I blocked out usernames, the name of the game and developer company, though it is a public community)

unfortunately it kind of reinforces an already occurring problem in the community where some groups are ultra-defensive about the game and the dev’s decisions, and other people pile up “no” on things that they don’t agree with.

With the yes/no reactions, it can make it harder to empathise with people’s points of view, than if there were no reactions. It can make it harder to disagree reasonably and amicably with a post that has a ton of “yes” on it, as one can have the feeling of pushing against the grain.


But yeah I was wondering if it might be worthwhile perhaps to add a note on the plugin page — to consider carefully, before adding negative reactions (or agreeing-type reactions, in general) as they can really change the dynamic of a community.

(This Discord community had those emotes within a few months of going live, and it’s been almost 2 years, and yeah the use of “yes” has become pretty standard)


It doesn’t work the same way as Facebook, as it happens. I described it in my own reply to Terrapop’s message. But the way it does work there is very “Facebook” (different actions depending on whether you’re looking at a post or a timeline) so not easy to emulate anyway.


I am afraid I had to remove reactions today, we noticed an error on meta

Sadly @joffreyjaffeux and @Ahmed_Gagan are not around to debug so I am removing it till @joffreyjaffeux is around to sort this out.

A lot is in flux in the plugin this week.