Notification button is no longer center/right clickable?

This button takes you to a separate page to show all your notifications:


This used to be center-clickable (or right-clickable) so you could open all the notifications in a new tab. Was this functionality removed intentionally? Or perhaps it was a side-effect of the change-over to using SVGs for everything?

I just wanted to mention that this functionality was really helpful for when I have a large number of notifications. Any chance this functionality could be added again?


Probably that. I wasn’t even aware you could right click this but I don’t see any reason it should be limited away cc @pmusaraj


This was probably right-clickable 1.5 years ago, when it was an anchor element, but it’s been a button element since this commit in Nov. 2017, and buttons aren’t right clickable.


Are buttons center clickable? I’ve been able to center click to open the notifications in a new tab the entire time I’ve used Discourse (specifically It worked until very recently, perhaps a month or two ago at most.