There's too many unclickable parts in the badge info

Recent updates in discourse made badges super hard to click. You used to be able to click anywhere in the badge info to redirect to the badge page, but now some parts are restricted. As shown here:

The area within the red box is the only place where it redirects on click. (Except for the granted link) The rest is useless space. I have to keep aiming at the correct place to see the full info. Any thoughts?


What browser is this happing on?

Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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This might be for @nbianca to look at.


Well, yes, we had to otherwise you would not be able to click on the link in the description.

I guess we can expand the click area on the logo and the number a bit?

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Another solution would be to bubble the event, if not intercepted by a click on link, to enclosing parent.