Notification error

at this time, I have launcher rebuild app


Notification error.


We are having the same problem with our language, English seems to work…

It seems that problem is with @eviltrout commit:

Are there any errors in the logs? I did change the translations for notifications to remove hard coded HTML, but I’m not even seeing the text there.

I don’t know if these problems are even related but they both appeared after updating discourse today.

I don’t understand … what text you don’t see? You don’t see the same problem when you change from Englist to something else … Spain for example?

If it’s any help here’s rendered HTML for non-English:

and here for English:

I hadn’t tried it out yet – I was just looking for more data before checking out the branch again. I can reproduce it now and am looking for a fix that can last until things are translated properly.


I am now back off using the beta channel in containers/app.yml


Is it safe to downgrade?

Looks like there is no problem.

This should fix it up until the other languages are translated:


Could you point us to the right direction … which translations exacty are you talking about? I tried to search Transifex but can’t figure out what to search for :blush:

I’m not sure how often Transifex updates from master, but the keys that need to have the HTML removed are in this commit:


I think about once or twice a day…