Small Language-editing Bug


I’m having difficulties in editing the language string ‘replies’. I can’t seem to find the right string to edit, or it’s somehow gone. I’m referring to the ‘replies’ which appears in the notification area when a user receives a private message.


Ideas? :sunglasses:

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That should be embed.replies – I recommend you translate it on Transifex. That way it will be translated for everyone.


Thank you. I did try to edit this string but it didn’t work, still doesn’t. :confused:

I can’t find the ‘embed.replies’ string on Transifex as well.

I’m guessing we are talking about Arabic? If so, here’s a direct link:

Otherwise change the language on Transifex accordingly.


Hebrew :cowboy_hat_face:

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Oh my:

This is so hacky, we got to clean this up and do the localization using these guys:

And stop using a “pretend” username which is broken when you switch locales (cause its baked into the notification)

@gerhard can you clean this up and do the localization here instead: