Notification for hidden topic requires me to "Mark all Notifications as Read"

I had set the “upgrade to beta 8” topic to watching. It’s been hidden / deleted / moved / whatever, and now the replies notification won’t go away.


Yep, welcome to why “Mark all Notifications as Read” exists when you click view older notifications.

Though I do agree that this is “sort of” a bug. As it would be nice if clicking on it cleared it anyway (even if you no longer have access to the topic)


Ahhhh…relief. Yeah, it’s still a bug.

Well the severe issue is fixed

If a PM or topic is deleted its now yanked out of the notifications stream.

There is an edge case that still needs to be fixed but is harder. If a topic is moved from a category you have visibility to one you do not, we are not yanking out the items out of your notification stream.

Will leave this open till I fix that.