Notification for new topic by mail shows replied icon, a new icon would be more logical


  • (not sure if this matters) TL0 user sends mail to category, creating a new topic
  • I am watching that category, so I get a notification


  • The notification shows some kind of new topic icon

But result was:

  • The notification shows the replied icon

Is there a new topic icon?

I doubt both of these were submitted by email…

I guess not. But if you hover over those, they say replied which is not true.

Yeah, I don’t disagree, just one of those, not sure it is a bug but maybe a UX item, as I don’t feel like there was a unique icon for this previously.

Actually just verified it doesn’t have a unique “new topic” icon on version 1.5.0 beta6, so definitely feel like this may be more ux than bug

I agree and changed the category.

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I was afraid there was some issues with the underlying notification type, but it turns out it was only a bad translation :relieved:

I didn’t change the icon because I couldn’t find one that made sense, but feel free to customise this translation on your instance :wink:


What about fa-asterisk or fa-star?