Notification menu: more space between anonymized and logout?

I’m using a lot anonymized user (was it that in discourse lingo?) when I’m writing docs to my users and I need screeshots or just checking out places.

When I’m coming back I constantly log myself out because missed icon. Yes, totally an user error — but screens are small and few millimeters (or what ever you imperials are using, not ounces here) targeting error and that’s it.

Now some of my users have been complainined same thing, so I’m not the only one with bad aiming.

Sorry wrong language (darn if I had fast way to change language :wink: ) but you know hoods here:

Is it totally impossible to get a little bit more empty space there, like one row more? CSS?

No, this isn’t bigger question in any scales. But I love when environment protects me :wink:

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Here’s some CSS :smile:

#quick-access-profile .logout {
    margin-top: 1em;



You must be kidding. I refuce to accept that, it has to be more complex. It must, because otherwise I’m totally… something :rofl:

Thanks! Better than new.


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