Notification option is confusing

I am a new Discourse user and planning how to roll this out to my existing community (currently a Facebook group). I wanted to relay an opinion and impression about the Discourse UX, for managing notifuications.

I was searching around for how to mark a post here so that I could be notified. When I saw the UX below I interpreted that to mean a) there is just one option (to be notified if my name is mentioned or I get a reply etc) and b) it is disabled by default (the open circle).

I have figured out now that I click that “Normal” option and see all the options I was hoping to see (because I was motivated to search docs to figure out how this works) but I don’t think my members will find that intuitive at all.

Is there any way to make this more clear? My preference would be something simple like a dropdown called “Notification options”.

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You can change the text of either the “normal” or the “You will be notified” in /admin/customize/text


Ah - cool. Thank you, Jay.

I find that guessing at these sorts of things usually isn’t an effective strategy. Why don’t you try deploying it to your community and see how users actually respond to it, before speculating about what might happen and taking action based on those speculations?