Notification received when editing topic title and user mentioned in OP

Steps to reproduce:

  1. User A creates topic, and mentions users in first post
  2. Mod/Admin changes the topic’s category, without opening the post editor

Expected Results:

Topic is recategorized

Actual Results:

Topic is recategorized, all users mentioned in first post receive notification


Discourse 1.5.0.beta11 (

System Information:

Windows 10 Pro, Chrome Stable 48



I had a look and could reproduce it, but I’m not 100% sure what is the exact expected result here.

Currently if User A creates a topic and mentions User B in the post, both User A and User B are notified when the topic is recategorized by Admin/Mod

I can see two possible resolution scenarios when the topic category is changed:

A) User A is still notified as he is the topic creator when topic is recategorized, but User B (and other mentioned users) are no longer notified


B) Neither User A nor User B (or other mentioned users) are notified

Can anyone help indicate which one is the expected scenario?

Thank you

Is the workaround to change the category by opening the full editor? If so, then we should make that explicit here so people have an easy workaround to this edge case.

I do not believe so. The point I was trying to make is that if one is not editing the post’s text, changes to the title should not have anything to do with what’s in the text. I would have to test it, but my guess is the bug would occur identically if one opens the full editor. Be back…

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I’ve opened the topic as an admin to recategorize and the users were still notified.

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Interestingly, I cannot repro this on Stonehearth right now… :confused:

Could be that the fix we made a week or so ago to prevent weird name notifications for wiki edits has also fixed this.

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I did a pull before trying yesterday, I’ll try again later today then. So what’s happening your system @jomaxro? No notifications at all?

So here is what I tried:

First repro attempt:
User A, User B = Moderators

  1. User A created topic in category test, mentioning User B.
  2. User B recieved notification regarding mention.
  3. User A recategorized topic to category test_2 within ninja edit window. User B did not receive a notification.
  4. User A waited until ninja edit window ended and moved topic back to category test. User B did not receive a notification.

Second Repro Attempt:
User A, User B = Moderators, User C = TL1

  1. User C created uncategorized topic, mentioning User B.
  2. User A unlisted topic.
  3. User A recategorized topic to category test. User B did not receive a notification.

Note: category test and test_2 are private categories, staff only.


Was it a new topic or did you change category on an existing topic?
I just did a new pull and retried and I got the following (Discourse Version v1.5.0.beta13b +81).

  • User testuser2 created topic in category BJJ and mentioned user testuser1 in the post

  • User jeremylan (admin) recategorized topic to surfing category using the editor in the screenshot above

  • Both testuser1 and testuser2 got notifications

However, if jeremylan recategorizes the existing post (for example, back to BJJ category) no notifications are sent.

Can you please confirm this is the correct behaviour?

I cannot. @codinghorror or another dev would need to.

Both attempts started with a user making a new topic, and the user mentioned only received 1 (the original) mention notification. It looks like you changed the title as well as the category, is that correct? If so, I did not touch the title, just the category…

No I did not touch the title, I only changed the category. You can see the title is the same in the notification screenshots. Hopefully @codinghorror will check my test case and shed some light :slight_smile:

Those two notifications seem correct to me as testuser1 was notified because he was mentioned and testuser2 was notified on category change as the topic creator…

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