Notifications are acting strange


Late on Thursday (7th March) I noticed a persistent DM notification in my profile on our forum. After viewing and replying to that DM, the notification stayed. Now I know I have many replies and likes and @ mentions from over the weekend, but that notification still remains.

In addition to that, if I allow discourse system notifications through Chrome, I get a repetitive burst of ~30 every few seconds.

I have nuked every bit of Chrome data, including all the related files & folders in the ~./Library path on my Mac uninstalled and reinstalled too, and tried logging in on a different machine. Additionally I tried Firefox and Safari, all produce the same results.

AFAIK, I’m so far the only one facing this, though it’s clearly not a problem with my browser/machine.

Any advice for troubleshooting further?

FWIW - we’re running v2.1.8

You should update to the latest stable or beta version. If you are still having problems, try How to use Discourse Safe Mode


Thanks @gerhard - This issue persists in Safe Mode…

And yeah, upgrading would be nice, but our Discourse instance is heavily customised, we can’t upgrade right now without prior assurance that our customisations will survive the upgrade.

For now, outside of that, is there anything further we can try?

There’s nothing I can think of. You are essentially using an unsupported version that doesn’t get any security updates anymore. You really should upgrade as soon as possible and this might fix your problems. For example, there are a couple of fixes related to push notification in the stable release.

And I recommend you regularly test and adapt your customizations during the beta releases, so that you always can upgrade to the latest stable (or even beta) version. Mind, our beta version are very stable. We usually deploy them on our hosting.


Did you do your customizations through plugins and themes? If you have a budget I can help you set up a staging site to see how the upgrade will go. You can contact me at


Thanks @gerhard & @pfaffman -

We have a development team here who manage our discourse instance. So they can take care of this, we do already have a staging site. It’s just a case of prioritising the upgrade and the work required to maintain customisations.

We have added it as a priority as the next goal following our current project.

Thanks all!