Notifications bug

(GRX) #1

Hi guys,

On the Infinite Flight Community, i receive many messages from a group chat or topics and when i have read all of them, the notifications continues to appearing as new message, frequently, just annoying me…

Little things to know in my case :

  • i’m logged in from my Mac (using my phone cellular network), my phone (shortcut in homescreen) and at office.
  • i had never see this happen before the lasts 2 days.

Maybe, its a login issue? some users reported bug for 1 earned month notification…

Sorry for my bad english, available for more info.

Have a nice day

(Sam Saffron) #2

Can you hit refresh on both mobile and desktop browsers and watch things for a few days.

There was a definite window when change was deployed where this kind of stuff could possibly happen.

Let me know if it keeps happening.

(GRX) #3

i have logged out and log in then, no news issues… i will see until the end of the week if the issue come a new time.

(GRX) #4

update: no news issues happened, thanks for your help!

(Sam Saffron) #5