Notifications for Admin inbox

I feel I am missing something basic/obvious, but how do you get notifications for the admins inbox?

We are using the discourse-chat-integration plugin to send Slack notifications for categories, but I don’t think that can be used for messages to the admins.

If Slack isn’t possible, an email notification would be fine, but I can’t seem to get that working either. I have the Notification set to “Watching” for the Admins group.

If somebody emails the admins, we want to respond as quickly as possible, and we’re not always monitoring the admin inbox on the site.



By default, the notification level for the admins inbox is set to Watching. Unless you have made changes to the default setting, this is likely to be the notification level that is set for the admins inbox on your site. You can find the group’s default notification level setting by clicking the “Manage” tab from the group’s page, then clicking the “Interaction” link from the left hand sidebar.

Individual admins can override the default notification setting from the Admins section of their messages page (the screenshot below is from my local dev site):

It’s not clear to me how you have set things up so that people can email your admins group. Have you setup a category with an incoming email address for this?

Hi @simon ,

Thanks for the response!

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. We don’t have it set up so you can email the admins group. I’m referring to getting notified when a user messages the admins group from within Discourse.

Since I posted, we have discovered that the chat-integration-plugin lets you do Slack notifications for group messages. But apparently it doesn’t let you do it for “automatic” groups, so it won’t work for the admins group.

We’re going to try creating a new group, point users to email that one if they need private help, and then have Slack notifications configured for that new group.

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