Notification Settings for Groups - Seems to be two separate settings

Continuing the discussion from Weird behavior for group private messages:

I am witnessing further “wierd” behaviour for groups private message settings. There seem to be two entirely separate notification settings for group.

It might be a bug, it seems to be related to this one Unable to set notification type for group message inbox, again, but I don’t want to report it as such necessarily because I may simply not be understanding how this should work…

The problem is that there seems to be a group notification setting in the inbox:

AND there seems to be a group notification setting in the group (via “Manage” within the /group page):


I was using the setting within the group but it wasn’t making any difference, so wondered what was going on!

So, the two group notification settings seem unconnected, and the one in the group message inbox seems to take preference, so I am pretty confused at this point:-/

Any help would be appreciated.


The setting on the group page is the default, so when someone is newly added to a group, that’s his setting. Any member can then configure this setting separately on the inbox page – that’s what counts in the end.


Aha - that now makes sense, I am only seeing the Admin options there under the group… thank you so much, I was just going around in circles… :slight_smile:

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Looking at this, it seems that the option to configure ones own settings on the team inbox page is only available to Admins too - so in other words normal members just get the notification setting that they are given, and cannot change it - interesting… also probably how I would like it to be so I am guessing this is by design!

Weird – that should be available to any member, at least after the first message has arrived. Can you post a screenshot of that page as seen from a non-admin account?

I have this feeling I am going to be wrong on this - will have a look now and report back, thanks.

So here is my test member… matt892

There is something wrong here, but I think what is wrong is that his group inbox is not appearing at all - despite him having received a few group messages from me.

and he’s a member of the group and has access to the in the group card messages…

He was once deleted from the team. I just added him back in. Do you think that may be causing the group inbox not to be appearing?

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Weird, I’m out of ideas right now. Maybe someone else can help?

OK! I am very grateful for your push in the correct direction.

This problem is minor compared to what I was grappling with before!

Hi Felix - turns out that it was a bug. But the team fixed it four days ago :slight_smile: