Notifications Visible to All Users due to Babble Plugin

After applying the latest update this morning all users of our forum seem to be seeing notifications for all forum activity, even private activity or things that didn’t involve them. For example, if I send a PM to another user, every user sees a notification about that PM with the title in their notification area, even if they didn’t send or receive it.

Thankfully users still can’t access the contents of the notification, but even the fact that the titles are visible is extremely problematic.

Here’s an example from my notification area:

Note the notification about “Test PM”. Here is that message (which I can open since I’m an admin):

You can verify that I am neither the sender or the recipient of this PM, so shouldn’t have been notified at all. Note also all of the extra notifications that I’m now receiving since everything is ending up in my notification area, including messages about topics that I have muted or shouldn’t normally be notified about.

I’m not sure what is happening or whether this is due to poor interaction with a plugin. (We use quite a few.) For now I just wanted to report this to see if others are seeing similar behavior.

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Do you use the babble plugin?


Yup! That must be it. Time to turn it off again…