Everyone receives all notifications (even PMs) due to Babble plugin

Hello all! Last night after upgrading to 2.7.0beta7 (7568c7a101) from test-passed, we have encountered an situation where everyone registered on our forum will receive all notifications on every like/reply/comment. The notifications can’t be dismissed from /u/username/notifications/. This also includes PMs between users (which is a bit problematic, as you can imagine). Luckily they can’t read PMs that aren’t theirs, but they still can see who messaged who with what title. Any ideas?

Same thing happened to me. It stopped after uninstalling a plugin (babble). Maybe there are more plugins that trigger this behaviour. If you have any plugins installed I would recommend you check these and see if you find a correlation.


We have babble also installed. It has given us a lot of headaches lately in upgrades… I will disable it soon to see if it fixes the issue.

Edit: Removing babble from app.yml & doing a ./launcher rebuild app fixed the issue for us. Thanks for the tip! :blush:


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