Notification Bug due to Babble plugin

Hi guys,

I seem to be having a strange bug where I and all my staff are getting system notifications or notifications of messages that we are not included in. This could be system messages to users or private messages from one user to another! not sure why we are getting these additional notification but this seems to be and issue after the latest update (I hadn’t updated since about 2 weeks prior).

Another instance of when this is an issue is I have enabled notifications for all users when an announcement goes out under the announcement category. Just now an announcement went out and I seemed to get a notification for every single user this notification was sent too!! (The list is way longer than the screenshot below).

Is this a known bug, or even a bug at all? is this maybe something I have done wrong in my settings?

A few more screenshots of examples below of notifications me and my team are receiving but are not related to us

If there is any more information or logs you may require for this just let me know.

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Same issue here. Everyone is getting the same notifications!

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Do you use the babble plugin?


I do but it’s turned off

Same, I use it but it is turned off. I can remove it from the config file and rebuild the forum when the traffic dies down to see if that helps?

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Deleted Babble and it seems fine now


I just did the same and it fixed it for me!!

Yup same here…though now we don’t have Babble :rofl: :thinking:

And your groups page (/g) is broken. If you decide not to re-install babble, you will need to clean up the groups with:

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Our Group page is working fine, though thank you for the link i’ll bookmark it if any problems arise.

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Reported this on the Pavilion site as a bug report for Babble:


Our full Babble shout-box conversation has turned up as a topic on our main page, it seems only Admin can access it though.

It is formatted as any other topic on the forum would be.

Is this normal?

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