Notify users of bouncing email


(Bart) #1

I’ve been manually going through bouncing emails for a while and PM-ed the affected users to ask them to check their email settings. Without fail, they did not realise they were using an old email address and updated their profile.

It would be useful if Discourse could automatically send these users such a message.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is a good idea cc @zogstrip – we can send an automatic PM when we suddenly get a ton of bounces for an email that was known good, and the user can switch their email address to a working one on their own via user preferences.

The user won’t get any email about this of course, but they are (in theory) still logging into Discourse, and would see a Discourse PM about it.

We should put this on the 2.1 roadmap.

(Bart) #3

Thanks Jeff! I suppose you can attach this to the ‘revoke email’ event that the email processor fires when someone crosses the pre-set bounce score.


If using SSO, the preferences will not be in Discourse, so an option to customize that link would be helpful.