Notify users of bouncing email

I’ve been manually going through bouncing emails for a while and PM-ed the affected users to ask them to check their email settings. Without fail, they did not realise they were using an old email address and updated their profile.

It would be useful if Discourse could automatically send these users such a message.


This is a good idea cc @zogstrip – we can send an automatic PM when we suddenly get a ton of bounces for an email that was known good, and the user can switch their email address to a working one on their own via user preferences.

The user won’t get any email about this of course, but they are (in theory) still logging into Discourse, and would see a Discourse PM about it.

We should put this on the 2.1 roadmap.


Thanks Jeff! I suppose you can attach this to the ‘revoke email’ event that the email processor fires when someone crosses the pre-set bounce score.


If using SSO, the preferences will not be in Discourse, so an option to customize that link would be helpful.


We’ll now send a PM to users whose email address is being revoked due to too many bounces :tada:


Excellent, copy is

Is your email address correct?

We’re sorry, but we’re having trouble reaching you via email. Our last few emails to you have all bounced back as undeliverable.

Can you make sure your email address is valid and working? You may also wish to add our email address to your address book / contact list to improve deliverability.

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How will the email change work with SSO, specifically WP when sso overrides email is checked?

Why would it matter? The bounce count is very specific and requires email provider configuration.

The link would take the user to the Discourse account where they can’t change their email: /my/preferences/email.

Can that be customized to point to the SSO provider page instead?

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I see your point, but I’m not entirely sure it is possible to get this PM with SSO enabled? Something to think about when @zogstrip is back from his trip.

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If the text is customizable in /admin/customize/site_texts, then it will be fine, I think.

EDIT: I see that it is: /admin/customize/site_texts/system_messages.email_revoked.text_body_template, so each site with SSO should edit this to suit their specific user profile page.


The first user who got the PM sees an incorrect topic title in the message list:

And the notifications list:

He is using the English interface language.

I can see the subject_template in our locale file, can you confirm you are on latest?

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Currently on v2.1.0.beta4 +20, but the message was sent during a slightly older version (from 5 days ago).

That personal message is from 1 day ago, though. My guess is it predates the fix.

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I can see the title in v2.1.0.beta4 +20, too, so “predates fix” is likely.

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