Notify users when a scheduled post is published

Use case: I use Discourse as a bit of an LMS, with lessons that “drip” twice a month. I build these lessons inside a category (“Lessons - Queue”) and then schedule them to auto-post to a student-visible category (“Lessons”).

When I have this auto-publish (which is really just moving a published topic from one category to another), I do not believe there is any notification sent to the students that a new lesson is available.

Barring using a tool like Mailchimp to send a notification out, or manually getting on the post and @All-Student commenting everyone, is there another way to automatically notify everyone of the post?

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You can set your ‘Lessons’ category to ‘default watching first post’ - this will send a notification to all your users when the scheduled post is moved into it:

After setting this option for your category, you can then also apply it to all your already existing users:


Thanks Bart!

Is there a way to schedule posts? For example, I want to schedule a 24-hour reminder post to say “be sure to join the live call at TIME at LINK”

Any option inside Discourse, or do I have to use an email tool like Mailchimp?

Sure, have a look here


@waffleslop Were you able to get this to work? We are trying to do the same thing but think there might be a new bug preventing it from happening.

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