Number formatting - "digit grouping symbols" please

Displaying a number as “3,900” instead of “3900”.

Obviously “digit grouping symbols” as it might not always be “commas” or grouping of every 3 digits depending on region / localisation.

##Stats on User Summary Page

I understand the User Summary Page is a work in progress…

Please could we get some commas in the number formatting in the “Stats” on the summary page?




  • in the tooltips that give precise numbers
  • e.g. hovering over the view count of 3.7k

##Admin Pages

  • Dashboard - Lots of numbers there sometimes they “blur” in my mind without the separators.
  • Users - /admin/users/list/active

Thank you!


Close by

Let me know if you see any spots that I might have missed. Thank you for reporting @DeanMarkTaylor


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