Odd search behaviour when moving messages (as a staff member)

Here is a weird one. Needs moderator privileges, so I am only able to repro at Tappara.co, a CDCK SaaS instance. Most likely a repro requires also relevant data in the database.

Description: When moving a message and searching for the targe topic, the search returns very odd results. Good search results are initially shown for a few seconds, but the quicky replaced with poor/non-useful ones.

Steps to repro:

  • I am using an up to date Android device and Chrome browser
  • As a moderator, choose some messages to be moved
  • Use a search term to find the target topic

In the screenshot I am using a term “peliesitykset” (game performances).

For a few seconds the search results look alright…

…but are then replaced with something that is not even remotely what I am looking for…

…but if I add a space, the good results are (usually) back!


I can verify this happens on my forum also. Type in a word, see the correct result, then it disappears and is replaces by complete different threads. But add in a space or two and the correct results pops back up.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost accidentally put posts into the wrong thread, because I’ve click on what was the correct thread only to have it change at the last second.


This should fix it:


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