Odd symbol in Wikipedia Onebox titles

Seems to affect all Wikipedia Oneboxes


Wait, what is the repro here?

OK, the case when oneboxing en.m.wikipedia.org

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This character actually appears in the content on the mobile side, so not a bug.

To mitigate Wikipedia’s bug, could Discourse rewrite the en.m.wikipedia links to en.wikipedia links? This would solve the problem.

And it would also be good to avoid external links going to mobile versions of the target website (as some of our visitors may be on desktops. If users are on mobile, an en.wikipedia link will redirect to en.m.wikipedia anyway)


With wikipedia, I’d probably prefer the “desktop” version. In other cases, my choosing the mobile version may be deliberate. Many news sites provide a much cleaner, easier to read, version of stories for mobile, something more like the “reader view” you can opt-in for on some pages. Sometimes you can get the mobile version on the desktop, with hostname variants. Consider:

(And, unexpectedly, the mobile one is one-boxing better now.)