Offering help with Brazilian Portuguese translations


I love Discourse, thank you for making this great piece of software. You’re awesome!

I’ve just installed it on my local LUG server. However, some of the translations to Portuguese aren’t great. Many are missing and some are just awkward. So, I’d like to contribute. I’ve already joined Transifex and have started contributing. Is the pt_br team really active? Translations seem a bit out of date.



Hey Rafael, Rafael here :smile:

Please, we are in dire need of translations.

I have done a lot of it two years ago, but couldn’t continue.


Coincidences such as these can’t be ignored! :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, I’ll get to work right away. So the text has been left untranslated for two years?

I have a question: if I translate a string, is it approved immediately or do I need to wait for somebody to approve it for me?

Thank you for replying so quickly!


It’s is. I don’t think there is too much on the review part in pt-BR.

We usually pull translations every 15 days or so, so it will take a little bit for you to see it.

Also, I think the convention is:

reply == resposta
topic == topico
post == mensagem (tem idéia melhor?)

No problem! I’ll be manually changing things in my instance until the translations start trickling down.

Great, thanks for the heads up. The glossary had “post == publicação”, so that’s how I translated it. What do you think? That might be better, since it won’t conflict with “message”.

EDIT: I understand what a “staged user” is, but how the hell am I supposed to translate that into Portuguese?! Santa paráfrase! :laughing:

I forgot about that. Publicação looks good.

What’s the LUG you are part of?

We’re just starting a LUG in São Carlos, São Paulo. Please take a look at our site at We’d be honored to have you join us there, just bear in mind it’s early days!

How about you? You’re a Discourse developer?

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(By the way, I can’t change strings that have been reviewed. I’ve added some suggestions to imgur/server.en.yml.)