Contributing translations to Discourse

:bookmark: This document provides a guide on how to contribute translations to the Discourse platform using Crowdin.

:person_raising_hand: Required user level: Anyone can contribute translations

Translating Discourse into different languages is essential for its global adoption. Contributing as a translator or proofreader is greatly appreciated and helps in making Discourse accessible to a broader audience.


This guide covers:

  • Translating Discourse using Crowdin.
  • Becoming a proofreader to ensure translation quality.
  • Best practices for contributing translations.


To start translating Discourse, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Crowdin account:

  2. Active participation:

    • You’ll receive notifications about new strings that need translation.
    • Keep up to date with translations and participate in discussions in the translations category on Discourse.
  3. Automatic integration:

    • Contributions are automatically integrated into Discourse repositories weekly.

For more information on how Crowdin works, visit the Crowdin Online Editor Guide.

:bulb: It’s always a good idea to start a discussion with your fellow translators before making large or radical changes to existing translations. Please create a new topic in translations if there isn’t one for your language.


Reviewers ensure translations are accurate and maintain a consistent style. To become a proofreader:

  1. Request proofreader permissions:

    • Reply to this topic and provide your language along with your Crowdin username.
    • If you were a translator or reviewer on Transifex, mention your Transifex username too.
  2. Quality assurance:

    • We limit the number of reviewers to a maximum of two per language to maintain quality. If you have a good reason for an exception, please start a discussion in this topic. Consistency and accuracy are critical for maintaining high translation standards.

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