Official Advertising / Ad Plugin for Discourse

That doesn’t seem to be a major issue, just a deprecation warning. It looks like it’s associated with the Who’s Online Plugin (discourse-whos-online) which will be undergoing a rewrite at some point.


What do I do for this part?

Apologies if this is slightly off-topic, but may be relevant for others who are using this plugin.

Has anyone managed to give access to the AdSense googlebot crawler to a Discourse installation that is using SSO? I have run out of ideas of how to make this happen and would like to exchange some thoughts.

Right now, this seems to be hard if not impossible when using SSO, making AdSense work less effectively on pages that can’t be accessed by the crawler (without a login).

enabled, but where are the options?

Search for content security policy instead of CSP.


Hi, do I need to add the ads.txt file at the root of my site or putting its content in my sites settings like you describe is enough for Google Adsense? Because Google Adsense keeps asking me to copy this file at my site root, which I do not know ho to do… Thanks.

Hey there,
I am trying to add an additional 1200x300 banner dimensions for one of my banners on desktop, so when setting “dfp topic list top ad sizes” I have added 1200*300 as the dimension, but that does not seem enough for it to work.

Should I add this new dimensions somewhere else?

Thanks a lot

ads.txt must be in the root directory of your web application.

In other words, it must be accessible here:




We’re using this plugin to show adsense ads on different places of the site for all guests and users below TL1 - that works fine so far.

We now want to add house ads to the game and noticed that while no adsense ads are shown to the User At or above TL1 also no house ads were shown.

It looks like the only chance to show them house ads is to mix the house ads into the adsense ads using the “house ads frequency” parameter. This doesn’t sound very straight forward and I’m not sure if it’s a bug.

Is there any way around this? I’d prefer to show house ads to everyone not within the range of Trust level set for adsense ads.

Thanks for helping

We are using Adsense and we set 728x90 ads for desktop and 300x100 fixed for mobile. They are two different tags. Desktop works fine, but mobile serves big square ads which are almost half the screen. So, do we miss something during the setup?

Also, how admins can see ads too? adsense through trust level is set to 4.


I have a problem with this setting: no ads for groups. It’s not working for me.

I activated the setting not to show ads to users belonging to certain groups. Added the user to the group. Nevertheless ads are shown. I cleaned cache and logout. It didn’t help me.

May be my css code influences? I don’t believe in it, because the plugin’ rules should work before the page is rendered and css rules applied. In my css I set what ads to hide and to show within some categories.

Hi Discourse Team,

Is it possible to hide the “advertising” tag and empty space when a user is detected that is using AdBlock? That would be a nice UX improvement as right now when a user visits the forum with AdBlock there is a large gap visible.

Also, when using the strict-dynamic tag in the CSP settings it made my entire discourse forum stop loading, is unsafe-inline recommended to use in a production site?


Thanks for this runs well on my website.