Offtopic: could anyone advise on the layout name please?

Hi guys, sorry for such a question, but I genuinely don’t know where else I could ask for this kind of help.

Do you maybe happen to know whether the word ‘ticker’ is commonly used and understood? Like the running line in the news which shows the info?

We need to name a layout in the widget where either the text or images are supposed to “run” and we really wouldn’t want to fall flat on our face with the inaccurate name…

Thank you in advance!!


Entirety subjective but I did not immediately know what was meant by “ticker” before reading your description. That being said, I did understand after the explanation and it is the correct word:

Perhaps the full term “news ticker” would provide the appropriate context


@piffy thanks a million! Do you think “News ticker” will work for images as well? Or does it usually work for text only?

A ticker is a banner like what news studios are using when showing breaking news or how nasdaq changes,

In early times almost every dynamic’ish banners were called as a ticker. But html and everything else matured and nowadays we have carousels and slideshows.

So, a ticker is onekind banner and using it with images is… strange. Perhaps good ol’ slideshow would be better?


Great point, @Jagster, many thanks!! Agree that “Ticker” doesn’t sound quite right even for my foreign ear :slight_smile: