News on the sidebar

Is it possible to make a sidebar slider with the latest news from the tag “news” with a picture, a title and a short description?

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this is not a core feature and i have not seen a plugin or component that would do similar. however, i suspect such a thing may be possible with a custom plugin or theme component. depending on your current navigation sidebar menu setup, it may clutter up the menu from a visual and functional perspective. i would suggest perhaps one of the existing banner or topic preview components would be better options to accomplish what you are asking.


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Basically, it would be a crossover of News Plugin 📰 and Layouts Plugin ?

I don’t know if such a thing is achievable with existing (third-party) plugins. Might be worth having a look. :slight_smile:


there is also this Discourse Category Sidebars which shows a topic sidebar in topic list views. it might provide some clues to developing something similar for the existing sidebar?


It’s entirely possible but is somewhat of a re-build :slight_smile:

Funnily enough there’s a solution very close this on already on Topic List Previews called Featured Images, but it sits above the Topic List not at the side. It even allows you to filter by a particular tag.

So I think you now have all the open source you need to make this a reality :+1:

(you can probably just move that to a Layouts widget and change the CSS slightly and badabing! :rocket:)


aha that’s the one i was trying to think of earlier. i knew i’d see a topic preview component that was similar to this.


There’s also this one from @awesomerobot Homepage Feature that is similar (but slightly different) from TLP.


Thanks a lot for the help! I will try! :slight_smile:

There’s something along these lines on, though without pictures.