Hot Topic and Breaking News

Dear All,

Is there a component or functionality to add some excitement for a post. Like the one below. Something like a breaking news or a hot topic.

I understand that we have a pin functionality. And also I understand that the latest topics come on top. But thought this would add some excitement.

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Why not just use a specific Tag and format it?, e.g. like they are done here:

Stylish tags doesn’t work — and mostly because of lazy admins and content creators :wink: They don’t clean breaking news!!!111!1!! tags and quite soon everything is polluted with old news advertizing breaking one.

And that’s why such tag/announcement must work under timer.

We have right now one active topic about mobiles. Such tag or sketch of OP just doesn’t work. There is not enought space. Background color, perhaps. But hey… we have old netscape trick: blinking colors :rofl:

Perhaps if a breaking news type would be lifted on the top and keeped separately? A bit like what we can do with carousels?


Exactly this one is what I was referring to.