Old unread topic doesn’t show up as unread in tracked category

Continuing the discussion from Watching and tracking implementation for tags and categories:

@sam please tell me if I’ve gotten this right.

Here’s this topic that was created way back in May 2014: https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-handle-multiple-account/15244?u=erlend_sh

I’m tracking the feature category, so as per our tracking updates in 2016, I should be seeing this topic pop up as unread now that it has been bumped up with new replies, but I don’t:

I just discovered it (along with several others) today.


  • I haven’t properly understood our tracking system and this is working as intended.
  • It’s working as intended but does not apply here because the topic was created before the new tracking system.
  • it’s not working as intended.

This sounds similar to what I reported before. I think the problem boils down to:

  • Even though it’s implicitly tracked, topic does not show up in unread because the user has never viewed it
  • Topic does not show up in new because it is beyond the threshold of whatever your “Consider topics new when” setting is




How is this problem different from Completely unread topics with recent replies should show as new?

They’re closely related but this is regarding a category I’m tracking, and should therefore be tracking all topics within it unless ever I opted otherwise on a per-topic basis.

So here I’m talking about topics that I think should be showing up as Unread. (I.e. it appears the system is not working exactly as intended)

The other topic is regarding topics which are not in tracked categories, but should still show up as :new: when certain conditions are met. (I.e. a new feature.)

It has indeed gotten confusing though, because I believe this:

100% solves this: Completely unread topics with recent replies should show as new

But it is only a partial solution to the Unread problem I’m raising here. When a category is tracked, old topics with new replies should show up in Unread. But maybe we can live with this little logical discrepancy. The important thing is that topics are not missed and email-only users receive an update.


My rough imperfect translation is

  • mute - I don’t care, don’t bother me
  • normal - I’ll find them on my own thanks
  • tracking - if it involves me let me know about it
  • watching - I want to know about everything that happens

I have quite a few categories set to Watching and necro’d topics I have not previously visited in those categories come to my attention without a problem.

Any reasons Watching doesn’t work for you?

(feels off-topic, but might be related)
Maybe not so much “without a problem”. It took me a bit of scrolling but I found a topic in the Feature category (that I Watch) that I had not visited, but was not a New and had the notifications level Nomal.

I’m guessing it was started in a category I’m not watching, was moved, and the edit history indicating the move was deleted?


Sort of – even on normal, if someone @mentions you, replies to you directly, or quotes you, you will get notified. So I would suggest

normal - If it involves me let me know about it
tracking - Give me a gentle nudge when there are new replies I haven’t read

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