On a topic list, as a regular user, clicking the bookmark icon next to a bookmarked topic to pin it doesn't do anything

I will start this topic as a support question.
When you tap the bookmark icon in front of a topic at /latest a pin icon appears. Since there is an option to pin bookmarks, I thought this would pin the bookmark.

But as you can see it does not. Also the symbol disappears after a reload. Why does this pin icon appear? Is it just a ux problem that it appears?
I read here that the icon should link to the post, which was bookmarked. It works for me like that at the /categories view. But at /top and /latest only the pin appears.


Hey Moin :slight_smile:

It’s the same on desktop.
The pin icon has this title: “This topic is pinned for you; it will display at the top of its category”.

But it doesn’t do anything and disappears on reload. Moving it to bug :slight_smile:

Repro steps:

  1. Bookmark a post on any topic

  2. On a topic list, click the bookmark icon, then the pin icon

  3. Go to the category to which the topic belongs, or reload the page if you’re already on it

  4. The topic isn’t pinned and the pin icon doesn’t show

:information_source: the pin icon doesn’t show up on the category + topic list page. Then, clicking the bookmark icon opens the topic.


You should not use the topic list at /categories (categories + latest). There the bookmark takes you to the post you bookmarked.

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Goot catch. A bit of inconsistency here as well. I’ve added this after my repro steps.

Seems the pin icon does not appear anymore.
I think now the bookmark icon always takes you to the first post of the topic and not the post you bookmarked.

The behavior is the same at desktop and moblie, and at /latest, /top and /categories :+1:.

But it does not fit to the statement in the other topic. The title takes you to the unread posts and the bookmark to the first post.