Personal topic pinning

(Ved Uttamchandani) #1


I wanted to suggest the ability for users to pin topics just for themselves. There are certain topics I follow regularly and bookmarks just don’t cut it. I’d like access to them at the top of my feed.



(Kris) #2

Would tracking help at all? The “Watching” option for example will notify you whenever a topic gets responses.

Is it important for you to “see” bookmarked topics more easily, even if there isn’t new activity in them?

(Ved Uttamchandani) #3

Not really because I don’t want a million notifications either :confused:
Just looking for a way to get quick access to my favorite threads without being flooded with notifications.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

That really sounds like bookmarks. Does the “topic list” bookmarks UX work better for you? Try typing g followed by b.

(Kris) #5

ah right, you could also add it to the top menu setting (downside being that you’d enable it for all users, and the link appears even if you have zero bookmarks)

(Ved Uttamchandani) #6

Thanks for the suggestions :+1: