On unliking posts

After you hit the :heart: button below a post, a timer begins after which you can no longer revert that action. I don’t know how long that is, but five to ten minutes it seems.

A user created a topic and has been in the habit of “liking” (:heart:) every follow-up. And then today realized that one of those posts contains content s/he finds abhorrent. When the user couldn’t unlike it, s/he flagged it for moderation, and us moderators have been unable to assist.

A little more specifics: this is a Discourse hosted install, which I will not name. I am a moderator there, not admin. The topic is for youtube videos, and post liked links to a video that doesn’t break rules, but does treat suicide in a frivolous manner. Apparently the user liked the post, then watched the video, then found the timer had run out.

What options are there?

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The admin can increase post undo action window mins temporarily if needed.


So: increase timer, ask user to unlike, then reset timer.

And in the meantime (haha), it’s open for everyone to unlike if they want (but they won’t know)?


Staff should be exempt from the post undo action window. Maybe a feature for future addition?


Even if they were, there’s no UI to remove a specific like which isn’t your own.

That’s quite a lot of engineering instead of “look before you like”.


It’s interesting how rarely this has come up. I agree the workaround is a bit awkward, but… it’s so rare.

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