One-time install, domain and hosting

Hi, I am thinking on creating a website with a discourse forum.

I don’t have anything at all, no domains, no hostings… I am thinking about using one-time install plan, but I’m not sure what it’s in the package.
do I get a domain? I saw when registering that I cannot put a domain, but a subdomain for the foum.
What if, apart from the forum, I want to have a portal with news, tutorials and more? it would directly be connected with the forum, too.

All you need for the $99 one-time, self-supported install is a domain name.

The domain name is not included, you must purchase and control the domain name yourself.

You can put Discourse at or if you want, but we only recommend that if you are absolutely sure you will never, ever have any other content on the domain.

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Like the original poster here I am thinking of grabbing a domain name ( and buying the “one-time install” package to get Discourse up and runnning. The plan is to run a small forum, but in future I may want to implement other functionality in addition to the forum.

  1. In your comment above, do you mean that an address like or is a more futureproof approach?
  2. If so, I assume changing that address is easy to do, or is that done as part of the one-time install?


And a POP account for your discourse to poll for emails (if you want to enable topic creation and/or reply by email.)

Changing the hostname of my hosted discourse was a fairly seamless process, initiated by an email from me to

If you’re just doing the one-time setup, the act of changing that later will be totally on you, but it’s really no big deal.

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Yes, I do mean that. And have the root URL and www redirect to it.