One topic to rule them all

Hi all,

With the way we’re set-up, we have micro-communities that will be largely on one category most of the time. Is there anyway for there to be a “one topic to rule them all” option, where a topic can be cross-posted to ensure visibility to all users?

I thought maybe subcats would inherit permissions from the parent, so perhaps that was a route, but evidenly that isn’t the case.

Thoughts? Or at least a way to accomplish this? (Yes, the banner topic is a possibility, but the UX is entirely different from the threads).

I think may need more info. Can you give an example of sorts?

Like are you simply looking for each new/sub topic to link to a main topic?

You could for example add a master link to 1 topic for example in the main site bar could be one idea.

So, we run a football site ( There’s 32 teams, so there’s 32 subcategories (under a General parent forum). For the most part, users (fans) will hang in their own designated category. However, there’s times I need to communicate something across all users—which the alert bar and banner topic just don’t convey (mostly a UX thing).

A pinned topic that surfaces across all categories would work well. Perhaps it originates from the Parent category?

This would give maximum flexibility as an admin, while entering into the threaded discussions with important information.


There are two types of pins: Category (a regular Pin) and Global.

Just go to the Topic menu.

You can also move a Topic to a Parent Category, then pin it as a regular pin.


True there is that option as well.

As @merefield has mentioned the 2 types of pins.

With it say with you needing to communicate to all members you could create a post and pin it globally for max visibility as a banner.

Global pin in the parent category does not pin it to the subcategory (that would be a solution if that were the case). There’s an entire other thread on the confusion over the language here.

I didn’t state it did? The normal pin pins to the topics current level I believe.

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My bad, I thought that’s what you were inferring!


Nope and hence why I suggested moving the topic first to get it to the right level if you don’t intend a global pin.

My bad if my post led you to that conclusion.

It was more to help see if base features can do what your looking for or if you msy need a theme/theme component.