Onebox for Vimeo Live Stream URL

My site does perfectly fine with embedding regular vimeo videos, e.g. URLs like

We are running a conference where we are creating a watching room with the embedded live stream and an ooen chat. The vimeo event URLs in the format do not onebox. I am only able to get an embed with an iframe html but the sizing is not optimal. With

How can I one box or embed these vimeo streams?

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That makes sense. The Discourse Vimeo onebox expects URLs to be in the form

Maybe support for Vimeo events could get added to the Discourse Vimeo onebox.

If you have selected the “Responsive” embed size on Vimeo, try selecting the “Fixed size” embed. Set its width to 690:


I think this will work to get you a normal sized video player on Discourse, but I’m not sure if it will cause any issues with the mobile view. Using that approach with regular Vimeo videos seems to work without any issues on mobile though.

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Thanks Simon, I have gone with a fixed size embed , and most of my key audience will be viewing on laptop screens.