OneBox – problems with Vimeo and Streamable embeds


I’m having problems with both Vimeo and Streamable embeds on a self-hosted version of Discourse setup through Digital Ocean’s one-click app.

Youtube embeds work fine.

Streamable embeds work, but with an expires parameter that means the video only works for a short period of time:

Vimeo embeds aren’t working at all. Inserting a link such as just results in a regular link being inserted, no embedded player.

I’ve searched but could only find mentions of Vimeo links not working due to settings on Vimeo not permitting embeds, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here – I can share the video elsewhere fine.

Looking in the Chrome devtools, I’m seeing that when I insert a Youtube link into the editor, on the Network tab I see an XHR request to which succeeds and returns the markup for an image.

However when I insert a Vimeo link, I get a 404 response for

Any thoughts on why these things might be occuring?

OK Vimeo issue appears to be due to IP being blacklisted. Others reporting the same issue with Digital Ocean here – Vimeo Embed not working on my site due to Vimeo server IP blacklisting

Streamable issue remains.

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I recommend reading that topic till the end.

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