Onebox settings being ignored on edits

We have limited the number of links that can be oneboxed per post due to some members abusing the capability, which was affecting our members. So we lowered the number of oneboxes per post, and also added a couple sites to not onebox as seen below.

However, we have found a couple users who have been…resourceful…in finding ways to get multiple oneboxes (over the two limit). What we have been able to determine through some testing is that when someone edits a post, the onebox limitations are not being applied.

The tester did note that preview does seem to work correctly.

And to ensure that we didn’t miss a setting somewhere, the tester also tested to ensure that trust level wasn’t a factor by lowering the users trust level to see if the effect changed, which it thankfully did not (meaning we didn’t miss a simple setting somewhere)

Rebuilding the html manually does resolve it and the onebox limit returns, but we’d like to find a solution where that’s not a requirement if we can.

Any guidance or help would be appreciated.


I have been able to repro this, checking with our engineering team if this is fixed by a periodic job or an edge case we missed, please hand tight.

Also, credit to your members and their resourcefulness for finding this one :slight_smile:


As an update, we have a fix for this now

Seeing as you are a customer on our hosting, once it is merged you should get it on your site after a deploy on our end.


Thanks! Much appreciated!

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