Limited amount of Oneboxes for a post?

I’m only able to post with 51 topic featured link, after 51 it’s showing up as a link. How can I clear this limit?

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I believe the setting you’re looking for is max oneboxes per post, which defaults to 50. If you adjust that and Rebuild HTML from the post wrench menu for that post can you see if that helps?

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Yes! I tried that on Meta and it worked!!
I think you’re right.
Let me try that!

I changed that to 2,000,000,000 and now all the topic featured link got converted to link, it didn’t work.

It worked!! Thank you so much!! :heart:

Just an FYI in case it’s interesting, your test here on meta worked because it’s the same link for all of them. We still have the default amount of 50 for that setting.

That may be a case where the MAX allowed is too high and causes issues. Could you try upping the number to a saner amount (say, 100) to test it out?

Edit: Looks like I replied too quick. :slight_smile: Glad it’s working for you now. :+1:

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Actually I wrote 2,000,000,000 with comma so it got automatically converted to 0 (Zero), now I wrote without comma and it worked!

Thanks!! :heart:

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Let me try here with different links! :rofl:

Well, in my edit window it’s showing all the 54 topic names for topic featured link but in final post it’s showing for none now.

No worries. :slight_smile: As long as it’s working for your site I think that’s all that matters.

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Now in final it’s showing for only 49, you are correct!!

Another problem that I’ve faced is that, normally the topic of a post gets modified time to time. but once a topic featured link is inserted in a post, the topic shown in that post will not modify. I genuinely feel it showed automatically get modified when someone modify the original topic.

it’s a hassle to hunt and edit those link later.

Same applies to the quotes.

Quotes don’t automatically gets modified when the originally text of a post gets modified, it’s a hassle later to re-quote and edit those quotes in comments later.

Do you mean the title of a topic? Posts aren’t updated automatically for that, but you can use the Rebuild HTML button in the post wrench if you come across one. The links still function correctly though even with a title change.

(If you did want to find them to update/rebuild HTML the posts they’re linked in should also have a backlink inserted at the bottom of the post)

For quotes, it would be unusual to automatically change those as it could drastically change the meaning of what the user was referring to when they quoted it. They’re more useful as a quote of what was said.

(Just as an extra bit of info, a Featured Link is a different feature in Discourse than links included in posts. A Featured Link is one where you paste a link into the title box when creating a new topic and it embeds the link in the title area when published)

Okay, I’ll try the rebuild HTML button, I always saw that but didn’t know what it was used for, now I know.

I understand what you mean. It’s just the purpose for which I had used quote function required me that function to automatically change those minute details.

To help students in their exam, I had created a last minute revision just by using quotes function, compiling from more than 50 posts into one, . Earlier, I did’t know, so I was meanwhile changing and policing those 50 posts and later I got to know that it didn’t change in the last minute revision.

I’ll be more careful in using the quote function next time.