Only allow anon users to see first post or its excerpt

I’m looking for a way to only display the first post or its excerpt to anonymous users on a topic page. Is there a setting or a plugin for that? If a plugin doesn’t exist yet how hard is it to implement this feature?

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You want to hide the first post from logged in users?

It should be fairly easy to do in a theme component.

Not really, what I’m looking for is to have a public forum where anonymous users can only see the first post of each topic. Or an excerpt of the first post on each topic. They’ll have to sign up to see all posts.

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So you want to hide all except the first post from anonymous users. If you’re OK with the posts being accessible to the browser, but not displayed then you can do it with a theme component. I think that you could make .article be hidden for anonymous users than then un-hide article id=post_1. Something like that.

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Thanks for the pointer I’ll give that a try :slight_smile: