Opening search page with "advanced filters" activated

Hello again

I just found out that I can add a custime section to the sidebar. Great feature.

I would like to use it to provide a shortcut to open the search page (`/search’) with the advanced filters open by default.

Is that possible?

If yes, some pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Would do the trick?


I’m sure it will, thanks. I will try it as soon as our power is back on (load shedding :frowning_face:).

I tried it with advanced and that did not work.

Where do I find that documented (and documentation in general)? I did a quick search regarding this question here on the forum but it did not reveal it. My search skills are poor; is there a PDF or book about Discourse? Searching the web only seems to reveal medical (?) related stuff.

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We have a lot of guides and references, etc in our documentation category (which can also be viewed at Docs - Discourse Meta, or searched by using in:docs if you want to narrow the results down to just those topics) - though we are trying to add more things all the time. :+1: We also try to make the features as intuitive as possible, as well as include as much description ‘on-site’ as is practicable so you don’t have to search for more info elsewhere.

Though if you don’t find anything in a search please feel free to spin up a topic and ask. :slight_smile: :+1:

But for this, I just went to the advanced search and copied the link from the address bar. :slight_smile:


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Well, it works just fine here and on my forum. Even when at the sidebar :wink:


I did not see that one coming :smiley: I’ve never clicked that hamburger in the search box in the two years that I have been exposed (as a user) to a Discourse based forum. But question solved :+1:

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