Option to disable "Account on hold" automated message

A dozen or so times a week, I’ll get a reply to the ‘your account is on hold message’ from a user asking why their account has been held.

I don’t know why myself…

Is there a way to disable this PM from being sent?
We don’t mind approving posts manually – but the messages to users can confuse them and they often feel that they’ve violated some rules and are apologetic – despite having done nothing wrong at all.



You can edit the site text so you can make it “less-confusing” for users.

How do I disable it completely?

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Yeah, I’m with you on this matter. It’s frustrating.

I often find myself having to re-assure newcomers that they’ve not done anything wrong and it’s an automated message. But it still doesn’t rub well…


Discourse don’t just randomly hold messages. If the posts look legit and harmless, you probably have misconfigured your Discourse. I suggest you try to find out the root cause of this instead of trying to disable this feature that is here to help keep civilized discussion.

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  1. They tried to copy/paste fast and post.(Big technique for spammers)
  2. Typing, really, really FAST.
  3. Silenced by staff for whatever reason.

Side note: For 1 and 2, if the user is still put on hold after a staff member reviewed it, it means that they tempted to reject the post.

Are these new users whose first post was wholly pasted in? That would definitely trigger spam prevention, but you can tweak the threshold in site settings if your community (for whatever reason) is doing this a lot for legit reasons.


I’ve checked this. Doesn’t seem to be the case.
Will keep digging but it looks easy enough to disable this option entirely now


Isn’t enabling the message better than leaving “on-hold” users confused about why they can’t even post at all?

Sorry – to clarify, I’ve modified the behaviour of Discourse so users are not left on hold and do not receive this message.

We couldn’t work out why these users were being put on hold; but our incidence of spam is non existent presently, so it doesn’t make sense to penalise users for now.


BTW – I’m happy to PR this as an option if it’s seen as fitting.

I’m not clear what you did, or why users were running into this.


@codinghorror: I hate not to follow up

I’ve looked in to this, and it seems that our users, for whatever reason, have a habit of predrafting their messages and copy-pasting them.

So Discourse naturally assumes they typed too fast.
Adjusting the option you suggested did the trick.


Thanks for the update. What’s happening in this case is much much clearer in the new flag interface @eviltrout built.