Option to show only unread categories and tags in sidebar

How about having the option to show categories with new or unread topics only? Or move those to the top? I think that’s how the “old” hamburger menu worked.


I’ve found this kind of option very useful in Slack instances where I’ve needed to join many channels. Sounds like something worth considering as an option for the sidebar for users who add lots of tags, categories or channels.

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That was something I was going to mention today - thanks for beating me to it :slight_smile: I especially like this idea for tags.

I’ve got two polls (one for categories, one for tags) going on my site to see what the number is but I suspect it’s going to be much higher for tags than categories just based on how we’re configured. I’ll let you know the results. (otherwise, it would really just be guessing and I don’t want to do that)


A couple of related possible changes.

  1. Roll up totals in a status line when category is collapsed. (Categories 66 unread) - that way even when collapsed you can tell there is activity.

  2. When collapsed always show the “current” tags and categories - highlighted? Eg.

    • When looking at this topic (or feature topic list)
    • And CATEGORIES is collapsed
    • And I have “feature” in my sidebar
    • Show “feature” even though it is collapsed - like slack does
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