Optional global invite code

Mixed on investing in improving this vs just extending existing invite system


Whatever you think is best works for me.


That would be excellent!

And this would make it perfect.

Maybe elaborating the pros and cons would help? What exactly is “this” referring to?


I want to retire the new system I introduced and instead improve the existing invite system

This related to the brand new global invite


Sam, where are you guys at with this? If it is imminent, I’ll hold off on trying to sign some of our organisations up.

Unlikely to be that imminent.


Nothing to add except we’re extremely interested in this particular functionality. Is there a chance this is available in something like weeks, or are we talking months/uncertain?

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It will be in the 2.5 release which is coming soon.


May be dumb question, but it’s not available via the 2.5beta5 is it?

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It is available just type invite code into your site settings.


I see a global invite code (for global access to a private forum, as I understand it) but I was looking for the functionality in post #31:

Namely, we want to generate a code, ie a unique invite link, that we give to a large group of users we’d like to automatically have added to a Group, and to land on a specific Topic. And this is for a public forum - this is just a special group getting a special invite.

This is not what’s been added, I believe?


I think all that works except for the “land on a specific topic” bit, but @techapj can clarify.


That is correct. Invite Links won’t support landing to specific topic. For that you’ll have to use Bulk Invite feature instead.

Also note that Invite Link has a bit of friction wherein the user will have to click the link in activation email before being logged into the forums. Bulk Invite (via email) logs user in directly because the email has already been verified.

You can see the screenshots for “Invite Link” feature here:


Feature looks cool the only thing I would like is the option for groups other than admin to be able to send invite links.

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Feeling thick. I can’t find this anywhere - we’re on 2.5.0.beta6.

When I click on Admin - Users -> Send Invites, all I see is this;

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Good, :stuck_out_tongue:. It’s not live yet. (I’d be worried if you found it without jumping through major hoops to run your site from a branch). What Arpit linked to is a PR, still under review. Note that it is listed as “open”. Once the status shows “merged”, and all our automated tests pass you can update your site to try it out.


Would be good to see this available to Trust Level 3 or 4 users.


Boy we are excited about this feature - will solve a major headache for us: that of providing an easy ‘bridge’ from Facebook private groups into our forum, and of organisations that are deeply unwilling to share their email lists.

Keep up the great work, and please let us know here when it is live!

I’m not sure that is a good idea - this is way too powerful for a non-admin to wield. You could easily create the link and then share it with your trusted users who can then distribute it.

That is a real shame, as that would have high value for targeted recruitment links. An example use-case:

A nervous group of specialist doctors, who feel very vulnerable to their content being aired in the press, and are unwilling to share their email addresses as a group. If they land in a nice friendly place / post by someone they trust, they are much more likely to engage.

Is it very difficult to achieve?


That is what I would like for my community at least. Would work well for an open community that wants to track and reward users who are bringing new people into the community.


We now have this feature: